Off Road Vehicles
  • The Chevrolet TRAX was presented in the 2013 north American auto show with a big promise to overtake the SUV auto market.

    The Trax is offered with a 2 types of patrol engine , 1.8 liter and 1.4 turbo charged wngine that both provide 140 hp.

    "Ofer & Ilan LTD " proudly present the OEM accessories to Chevrolet TRAX:

    OEM roof rack + bike rack, ALPHA model crib, cargo bed liner, chrome side molding stripes, mud guard, 4D weather guard, door handle cover and tail lamp chrome cover. 
Chevrolet TraxTR100 - 4D weather guardTR003 - Chrome side molding stripesTR006 - Mud guardTR102 - Cargo bed linerTR108 - OEM roof rack + bike rackTR001 - OEM roof rackTR007 - ALPHA model cribAC109 - Tail lamp chrome coverTR005 - Door handle cover