Off Road Vehicles
  • First shows to be a concept car in 2003 Detroid car show and its' manufacture started in 2008.
    CHEVROLET TRAVERSSE' uniqueness is being a 4X4 cross-over with room up to 8 passengers. Its' elegant design puts it in an off-road luxury salon category.
    "Ofer&Ilan LTD" presents the exclusive OEM accessories for the CHEVROLET TRAVERSSE. accessories such as: front chrome grill, USA weather guard, chrome packages for door handles and pillars, two poles roof rack and a unique bike carrier.
Chevrolet TraverseChevrolet TraverseChrome GrillWeather GuardChrome Trunk Door Handle CoverBug GuardTwo Poles Roof RackBicycle DeviceChrome PillarsChrome Pillars