Off Road Vehicles
  • After the 2011 face lift a new model of the Chevrolet Captive joins the car market. The Captiva will be offered with a 2.4 liter patrol engine, innovative design, advanced accessories and affordable price to allow it compete with smaller crossovers in the category.

    "Ofer&Ilan LTD" is proud to present the exclusive OEM accessories to the Chevrolet Captive Sport:

    Chrome accessories including:  door handle cover, chrome pillar cover.
    OEM side step, ALPHA crib, wide ski roof-rack, roof rack+ bike rack, trunk mat.
    4 doors  weather guard, sunroof weather guard.
Cs-103: 4 doors Weather GuardCs-101: Doors Handle CoverCs-100: OEM Side StepCs-102: Trunk MatAc-107: Sunroof Weather GuardAc-105: Wide Ski Roof RackCs-109: roof rack+ bike rackAc-104: ALPHA CribAc-108: Chrome Pillar Cover