Off Road Vehicles
  • CHEVROLET CAPTIVA'S first generation was launched in 2006 out of the inspiration of the CHEVRLOET 3sx concept cat that was presented in 2004. The vehicle was designed to serve as a strong safety family SUV with an option for 7 seats.
    In 2011 a facelift was done to the vehicle in which changes in the vehicles body were done such as air vents and LED headlights. Furthermore a 3.0 liter v6 engine was added to the turbo charged diesel engine and the 2.4 liter patrol engine.
    "Ofer&Ilan LTD" is proud to present the OEM exclusive CHEVROLET CAPTIVA accessories:
    Chrome package that include: tail lamp cover. Side mirror cover. In addition, chrome pillars, 4D weather guard, sunroof wind visor, OEM side step, widthwise roof rack and crib.