Off Road Vehicles
  • VW amarok:
    VW's equipped pickup enters the pickup branch. Equipped with a hi-tech 2 liter strong Turbo-charged strong engine, innovative design and high finish level.

    "Ofer&Ilan LTD" proudly presents the exclusive accessories for the Amarok:
    American Fender-Flares, front sporty skidplate, 3' stainless steel side step, "ALPHA" toolbox, car-color "Dynamite" Fullbox, Cabin-height canopy and bedliner.
Volkswagen AmarokFront sporty skid-plate "ALPHA" toolbox3" stainless steel Side StepAmerican Fender-FlaresCar-color "Dynamite" FullboxCabin-height Canopy and Bed-liner